GB7TC UHF DMR Repeater-Operational

Callsign GB7TC
Band 70cms UHF DMR
Frequency Input 430.5250MHz

Output 439.5250MHz
Mode MotoTRBO 7K60F7WWT
Colour Code
Talk Groups
Timeslot 1: World-wide, Wide Area & User Activated Talkgroups
Timeslot 2: Local and Regional Talkgroups (see here for full list)
Radio Equipment
Motorola SLR5500 - Installed & Operational - IP Connect via 4G router

Cavity Filters Motorola Duplexer with circulator, admiralty notch filters & bandpass filters
Antenna Stacked dipole Omnidirectional

single aerial working (aerial at approx. 32m a.s.l)
Location 9km Southeast of Swindon, Wiltshire
Locator IO91DL
Repeater Keeper Nigel G8VRI

Monitoring the UK DMR network

This shows the status of the UK (and some Dutch) DMR repeaters, also the traffic on the links to Wires and Brandmeister networks.

Monitoring the UK Hotspots

Phoenix DMR Live monitor GB7TC

Historical Reports

First weekend of operation, logs and reports from Hugh G4JTO: Click Here

See the new DMR technology, FAQs and links page  - Here!

Latest News 
Site visit by G0UWS and G6REG: Following numerous requests from our users we have switched over to CC3 and connected to their CBRIDGE today. GB7TC is now fully operational with UK and World-wide talkgroups.  Connection and coverage tests have provided excellent results. We now have a seamless connection from Newbury to Bristol on the M4. Thank you to all those who called in to provide reports and positive comments. 

Site visit by G0UWS and G0BEQ to install 3G router and aerial. Connection made between GB7TC and the SWC master base GB7BS. After some tweaking of the APN settings on the 3G router cluster connection was achieved. Traffic is now flowing from SW Cluster connected repeaters to TC on TS2 TG950

Site visit today with G4XUT, G8VRI, G0UWS and myself: The combiner system was installed and aligned and tested today to allow GB3TD and GB7TC to co-reside on the same aerial. The photograph below shows the diplexers, band-pass filters and circulator. In addition three 20dB admiralty notch filters were deployed to isolate TC transmit from TD receive. Isolation is now over 70dB. GB3TC is transmitting full legal ERP from the stacked dipole on the tower.

Currently GB7TC (Motorola SLR5500) is housed in a temporary rack with the new combiner system. The DMR repeater is running in Local mode for testing with both timeslots active but no IP site interconnect yet. See photograph below (the PYE transmitter & receiver are the not connected):

The DMR base station (see above photograph) is sitting temporarily ontop of the rack. The diplexer and other combining equipment take up 9U at the bottom of the rack. - Andy G6REG


  1. Hiya all,

    I live in Chiseldon, not sure how the link up for the SW Cluster will work. P2P link? I've got line of site with the mast if you want to borrow some bandwidth for a voip link on 2.4ghz be my guests.

    unless you already have other arrangements.

    Matt - 2e0ljz

    1. Hi Matt, No we have a couple of options but the path links look bad. You may be our saivor. Could I ask you to have a chat with Andy G0UWS or Rob G4XUT or drop me an email at
      Many thanks


  2. Can you advise me which 3G Router you chose?

  3. Hi John, It is a Digi Transport WR21 - with an external antenna