Windmills on the Air

The Swindon & District Amateur Radio Club are supporting Mills on The Air which is an event that commemorates old mills that have either been left in their original state or restored.

This gives us amateur radio enthusiasts a reason to setup and make contacts via a special event radio station.

The callsign of our special event will be GB1WW (Golf Bravo One Wilton Windmill).

This is Wilton Windmill taken at sunset and our special event callsign added.

This event is not only in the UK but across the channel in europe to commemorate a wind, water or any other type of mill and is a great opportunity for us to show the everyone our hobby making contact with other amateurs across all frontiers.

Anyone is welcome to come and visit the mill and have chat and of course take in the beauty of the area.

This is the antenna setup used for the special event station at Wilton Windmill in 2016.

Mills on the Air will be held on 13th and 14th May 2017 and we will be activating 
Wilton Windmill. The location is: -
More information about the MOTA programme can be found at: -

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