Monday, 31 August 2015

MB7UR is now back onsite and operational

Latest news from Andy G0UWS

MB7UR is now back onsite and operational as of midday today (31/8/15). Rob XUT & myself went up today to return the unit.

I now have the original co-linear and will be seeing Den M0ACM in the next few days to see if he can help us to make a repair to the metal work before also returning this to site and commissioning.

The next step will be to arrange to get to site the pole from G0BEQ to make the aerial higher.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Update on the NoV for GB7TC from Nigel G8VRI

GB7TC NoV Update


For those interested the DMR mode is 7K60F7WWT (7k60 = bandwidth, F = Frequency Modulation, 7 = More than one channel containing digital information, W = type of information - mixed, W = Details of information transmitted – mixed, T = Time Division Multiplexing)


And the frequencies the RSGB ETCC regional rep has allocated are:


DVU42: Tx = 439.5250, Rx = 430.5250


It is now off with the “powers that be”

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Breaking News!!!!!

The Group's Committee met last night & a decision was reached concerning a DMR repeater, at the moment Nigel G8VRI has volunteered to apply for the NoV & this is now underway,  hopefully the application will go through without opposition. The callsign for the new repeater will be either GB7TC (1st choice) or GB7QJ (2nd choice). Onsite evaluation tests, purchase of equipment, etc. to come, more updates later as stages are completed.