Saturday, 14 February 2015

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GB3TD - Wide-split, Dual-mode analogue / digital - what next?

The repeater group have been wrestling with a number of problems and potential enhancements with GB3TD over the past few years.

We have a first class site but do suffer some local (off-site) interference caused by an as yet unidentified digital pulse transmission at certain times of the day.

We are also a key UHF repeater on the M4 corridor and much further afield.

Our two neighboring repeater groups in  Bristol and Reading are opting for Dual-mode DMR based on the professional TDMA standard (Mototrbo) but still retaining a conventional analogue option. TDMA DMR would offer us two digital frequencies running simultaneously (well almost! - different time-slots), with one possibly used for local working and the second for interlinking to other repeaters or/and Echolink.

We are also considering moving to wide-split (7.6MHz) operation which would increase the receive coverage reducing current combining losses (swapping cavities for a diplexer) and move our output frequency away from the current localised digital interference. We may also have the option of unattended Echolink similar to some wide-split UHF repeaters. 

We would welcome any comments from users or interested parties as to their thoughts on both options or any experiences you may have.

Many thanks


Andy G6REG

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