Friday, 12 October 2012

RRG on Facebook

We're on Facebook! If you are, and you would like to exchange news, photos, links and so on with other users of the GB3WH and GB3TD repeaters - then come and find us on Facebook! Either search for Ridgeway Repeater Group or go to

Hope to see you there!

We need your support!

As you'll have seen in the notes from our meeting this week, the income that we've received so far this year from membership doesn't cover our likely outgoings. If you are a regular user of the repeater and you're not a member, we're sure that you would like to support the group, so we'd really appreciate you going over to the membership page and sending a few pennies in the Treasurer's direction. He'll be happy then, and we like a happy treasurer.

RRG Committee meeting held 8th October

The committee met in Swindon on 8th October

G0BEQ, G4XUT, G4LDL, G0BQK, G4VXE, G6REG and G0UWS were present and apologies had been received from G8YMM and G1YGY.

Status reports were received from the GB3WH and GB3TD keepers - with all working well currently. GB3WH has been working well, now using the top antenna and coverage has improved dramatically - with the exception of at the Chairman's house!

GB3TD is due some 'routine maintenance' and Andy G6REG kindly offered to assist Rob G4XUT as he could with it.

Finances were discussed and in particular that the group's income from subscriptions does not cover the running costs of the repeaters - so we will need to encourage all users of the repeater to support them, as they are able to do. We also discussed some possibilities for reducing costs, which will be investigated and reported on in due course.

We hope to publish a group newsletter before Christmas. Tim G4VXE and Andy G6REG offered to review the website and perhaps make it easier to update.