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RRG Members as of 11th January 2018

Annual Membership subs are due 1st June annually.

2E0LUF        Adam
G0UWS        Andrew
G0DVB         John
G0BQK         Martin
G0BEQ         Andrew
G1NCG        Ken
G1OQV        John
G4XIB          David
G4GUN        Graham
G4JTO          Hugh
G4LDL          Tony
G4XUT         Robert
G4AJA          Chris
G4GDR        Adrian
G8VVY         Robin
G8VRI          Nigel
G8MXE        Graham
M0TFY         David
M0RFI          Russell
M0MTA       Mark
M0SWL        Brian
M1CJE         Andrew
M1EFY        Andrew
M5CBS        Mike
M6CUE        Nei

25 Members

Updated 9 June 2018

Please could anyone wishing to renew their membership please contact Martin or use the Donate button on the website - Membership is £15/year. Thank you for your support.

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